Firestorm & Penguin Storm

Hey everybody! Kiyow here to introoduce the Downloads page. Here, you can download (for now) Penguin Storm, Firestorm, and the Club Penguin Money Maker! Here are some warnings that I think I should tell you:

Penguin Storm: I am not responsible for any bans of Club Penguin. To prevent being banned, create a test penguin to use Penguin Storm. DO NOT enter IDs patched or not! There is a HIGH RISK of being banned FOREVER for using IDs.

Penguinfire: Just like Penguin Storm, I AM NOT responsible for any bans of Club Penguin. Just follow the rules from the Penguin Storm info.

Club Penguin Money Maker: The Club Penguin Money Maker is a download only for MAC OS 10.7+. This will not load correctly for Windows. This WAS NOT created by me. All Thank-You’s go to CLUBPENGUINHQ.


Now, keep a very close eye to the Gary Tracker! He is here for Club Penguin for the festival of flight and is usually at the Tallest Mountain. Here are some tips for finding Gary.

Go to the Downloads page > Download Penguinfire or Penguin Storm > go to > click on the Gary Tracker > chat with others and ask where Gary might be > open Penguinfire or Penguin Storm and click ‘Clear Server’ under one of the tabs > choose the server Gary is on and… poof! The server is cleared! GO FIND GARY!!! This is what Gary looks like…


Now, remember when Club Penguin had their 150th newspaper party? If you were there, you should remember the pin:

150th! CROP!

Well, club penguin has reached 200 hits! Give props to Club Penguin by following contacting them through mailto.

<a href=””>Click here to Congratulate Club Penguin</a>

In other news: This website is now protected by Copyscape© and whosoever copies from this site will receive a warning! I will be notified! Unless you want to lose your website, DO NOT COPY! Thank You! Until next time, waddle on!


About Kiyow

Hello! My name is Kiyow! I am a 900 day old penguin who likes walking around and talking on Club Penguin! I have 100 friends on Club Penguin and my website gives you the inside scoop to all information, cheats, glitches, and much more to Club Penguin! Waddle On!
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2 Responses to Firestorm & Penguin Storm

  1. Cloneguy800 says:

    Awesome Post! Please Visit to Track Gary! Also Check out our Beta Gaming Party by Clicking the Link Following:

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