Help feed the hungry…

Hey everyone! Kiyow here with alot of announcments that have NOTHING to do with Club Penguin, so if you’re thinking, “Psssh! I don’t need to read this!” then click this Link: Link

Other than that, here it is:

  • Today is 9/11. The day of 3000 deaths from a terrorist attack.
  • Now, you can donate rice to the hungry for free by answering simple school questions. For each question you get right, free rice donates 10 grains. My Goal: 20,000 grains. Comment me on your amount too!

That’s all for today! Oh! Also, Cloneguy800 is having a party on server sasquatch for 9/11. It is at 5:00 PST. For me it is 8:00 PST. Here is a world time zone map. Here’s how to use it:

1.) Find Cloneguy800’s Timezone (Pacific Standard Time)

2.) See what time it is on your computer.

3.) Find your time zone and by the number of spaces between you and him, add the hours to his current time.

Here’s an example:

Cloneguy800’s time: 5:00 PST                                                                                                 My Time: 6:35 EST                                                                                                                         Amount of time away from each other: +3 hours Party time for me: 5:00 + 3 hours = 8:00 EST




About Kiyow

Hello! My name is Kiyow! I am a 900 day old penguin who likes walking around and talking on Club Penguin! I have 100 friends on Club Penguin and my website gives you the inside scoop to all information, cheats, glitches, and much more to Club Penguin! Waddle On!
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