2 New Downloads

Hey everybody! Kiyow here and I found these 2 downloads useful for everyone out there:

  • CP Trainer 2+
  • Fair Trainer 2009

Coming Soon:

  • CP Revolution (Expected Release Date: September 14)

CP Trainer 2+ is a Trainer that works but doesn’t have many features. You can wlak on walls, slide around, and get the usual items (Blue Mail Bag, Rockhopper Key, etc.)

Fair Trainer 2009 is a trainer made just for the Fall Fair ’09. You can get unlimited tickets (shown as 9999), all of the Fair Items and Rockhopper items, and much more!

CP Trainer 2+ will be out on this website by 5:30 PM (EST)

Fair Trainer 2009 will be out on this website by 7:00 PM (EST)

CP Revolution will be out most likely at 6:30 PM (EST). Here are the times:

  • 5:00 PM (EST): I will download and test CP Revolution
  • 5:30 PM (EST): I will make the photo and measure the pixel size
  • 6:15 PM (EST): I will edit the download link and add it to ‘Downloads’
  • 6:30 PM (EST): It will be officially out for use

In other news, today, I found a new room in Club Penguin (well, new to me…) which is the Puffle Circus that I never really noticed before. Just go to the Forest and look at the background.

The CP Community gave out a sneak peek of a new room coming to CP:


I broke up the photo into different parts and came up with the following:

  1. There is a ‘samurai’ of some sort in the backround
  2. There is a pretty large furnace up in there.
  3. A ‘poster’ with japanese language
  4. When I got the photo, it was called: ‘firesketch02’
  5. the ‘o2’ must mean that it is a final draft and they had an earlier version that they must’ve edited.
  6. It looks like it still has a long way to go… be patient…

Also, I will be revieling the featured igloos. Here is this months igloo:


Click the thumbnail to view it larger. Well, that’s all for today! Until next time, Waddle on!


About Kiyow

Hello! My name is Kiyow! I am a 900 day old penguin who likes walking around and talking on Club Penguin! I have 100 friends on Club Penguin and my website gives you the inside scoop to all information, cheats, glitches, and much more to Club Penguin! Waddle On!
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