Money Maker 1.7

Hola! Everyone! Kiyow here with a new version of the Club Penguin Money Maker. This time, from a different – more trusted provider. This is test version 1.7 and will hopefully lead to a 2 generation. This has updated 3 major things:

  • Easier to user
  • Much Faster
  • …and much Safer

There will be 3 test versions:

  • 1.5
  • 1.6
  • 1.7

Update! Club Penguin Money Maker 1.7 has been released!

Now it is faster, much safer, and in 2 Languages!

Then comes version 2. Each version will be easier, faster, and safer as it goes. I will cross out each version after released.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Use ONLY up to 5000 coins at a time. This is the safest amount.
  2. You can use up to a 10,000 coin amount… not recommended.

Here is a download link. It works for Windows and Mac. I will also provide another link from our more common provider which allows a 100,000 coin maximum. I will also provide a ZIP and EXE link.

*ZIP is MUCH EASIER to download – File may get lost with EXE*

Download ZIP file from new provider

Download EXE file from new provider

Download ZIP file from original provider (Windows)

Download ZIP file from original provider (Mac)

These download will not be available on the Downloads Page until the date printed below:


Languages Included: English, Portuguese


About Kiyow

Hello! My name is Kiyow! I am a 900 day old penguin who likes walking around and talking on Club Penguin! I have 100 friends on Club Penguin and my website gives you the inside scoop to all information, cheats, glitches, and much more to Club Penguin! Waddle On!
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4 Responses to Money Maker 1.7

  1. As the Money Maker updates go, I will cross-out each version leading a new one!

    Waddle On!

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  3. finlay but on cp finz 678 says:

    hi how do u get onto that thing and get £10,000 i’ve tried loads and it is still not letting me do it.

    intill then thanks and by

    • Kiyow says:

      Here is how:

      1. Go to the Downloads page.
      2. Scroll down and click ‘Money Maker 2’
      3. You will go to CPCheats and you must scroll down and click ‘Download (English) (ZIP Recommended)’
      4. Click ‘Open’ in the new Window. Extract all of the files.
      5. Open up the icon that looks like a Coin from Club Penguin.
      6. Log in to your penguin in the new window.
      7. Once logged in, choose the amount of coins you want and click ‘Get Coins’

      Your done! 🙂 Hope this helped!

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