KCPWD Closed

That’s it everyone! The KCPWD has been closed! Kiyow here earlier than expected and ready to give you the latest news!

New to 2010

A lot of new things are already in the process! Just 2 more days until 2010!

On January 21 is KCPs 6-Month Birthday – There will hopefully be a mini party that I will post on Twitter (@KiyowCP)

On January 29 is the creator of KCP Productions (Kiyow’s) real birthday – There will likely be 2 parties. 1 posted on the site and 1 posted on Twitter.

On February 3 there will likely be a big theme change to KiyowClubpenguin. Loading will be much faster now that the snow is gone.

Those are 3 major events coming to the first 2 months of 2010. I will post another update list like this on February 30.

The password has been posted under a new page that visitors won’t be able to see soon. The link to the new page is posted somewhere on this website and will be removed January 1. You must copy or remember the 9 number password because then the page will be password protected from January 1 to January 10. It is a cool page and I hope you like it.

A change has come to Advertising on KiyowClubpenguin. The new rules are posted under the Advertisement Page.

I am sending the email to Club Penguin today showing them how much we care on the KCPWD. I will post there exact reply on this site and the Company Website.

I am still accepting spots for the Penguin Profiles, though you will be added to the ‘New KCPenguins’ section under 18Boston18. Sadly, all of the header spots have been taken. Your name will not be below the header but as a picture link like 18Boston18. I am also adding a new rule about the Penguin Profiles in the Advertisement Page. Read that soon.

Until next time, Waddle On! 🙂


About Kiyow

Hello! My name is Kiyow! I am a 900 day old penguin who likes walking around and talking on Club Penguin! I have 100 friends on Club Penguin and my website gives you the inside scoop to all information, cheats, glitches, and much more to Club Penguin! Waddle On!
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One Response to KCPWD Closed

  1. nextthousand says:

    Thanks for the Ad change Kiyow!

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