“Do you have a blog with lots of cool stuff but don’t get enough viewers? KiyowClubpenguin can fix that”

Advertise Your Website on KiyowClubpenguin!

It is easy and free to make your website widely popular with the World Wide Web. It is also very safe and dependable. Please read your requirements below:

  • You MUST have 3800 Hits or lower.
  • Once you have 3801+ Hits, your add will be removed.
  • Copying this website will result in 1 out of 3 warnings.
  • Hacking is automatic removal and report.
  • Spreading lies or bad rumors of KiyowClubpenguin will result in automatic removal.
  • Your website must be about Club Penguin.
  • You must have/had a penguin on Club Penguin.
  • Your penguin must be 150 days or older.


Please email, comment, or send me a tweet for website approval.

Twitter – @LoganRockz

Email –

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2 Responses to Advertise

  1. nextthousand says:

    I already have over 1,000! Wow! Thanks!

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