An easier way to join KiyowClubpenguin.

If you want to be a part of KiyowClubpenguin, but don’t have enough Hits to join the AD page, you can join this page! Here are the only requirements:

  • You MUST have at least 500 – 3600 Hits.
  • Once you have 3800 Hits, you will be get an AD on the website.
  • Copying this website will result in removal of link.
  • Hacking is automatic removal of link and report.
  • Spreading lies or bad rumors of KiyowClubpenguin will result in automatic removal of link.
  • Your website must be about Club Penguin.
  • You must have/had a penguin on Club Penguin.
  • Your penguin must be at least 100 days old.

Just Comment your website link! 🙂

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7 Responses to Blogroll

  1. brandon says:

    i love your website

  2. Womboe says:

    can i join i have all of them except the 500 hits 😦

  3. nextthousand says:

    Hey Kiyow can you join my Blog?

  4. brandon says:

    love your website

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