Money Maker 2.2

Wow, a lot has happened today! Kiyow here and it is my 3rd post of the day. About 2 hours ago, Money Maker 2.2 was released. The limit is now 20,000 coins and it just 1 second faster! Since Money Maker has gone through so many issues, Penguin Storm 12 will be delayed.

Download Money Maker 2.2

A new policy to downloads is coming. Be sure to look out for the secret AD.

Second, try out the 3 new languages posted up: Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Italian. If you need me to post up Traditional Chinese, please comment. 如果你需要我張 貼繁體中文,請評論。

Finally to wrap up this post, all servers on Club Penguin are on safe chat because they are fixing the regular chat, so don’t panic! Thanks for reading, and who knows? I might just post a 4th post today… Waddle On!  🙂

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Improved HQ Money Maker

Remember Money Maker HQ? Well since 100,000 coins per turn took to long and had a higher chance of you being banned, they released a newer, improved version. There are 2 different types for 2 different systems (Mac & Windows only, sorry Linux users). I will make a page for the download. It is 50,000 coins per turn and works in 10 seconds or less. But… if you want a safer and faster Money Maker, download Money Maker 2.1.

In other news, I will be updating the widget with Penguin Storm 11.6 and Money Maker 2.1 included. I also want to say something, subscribe! There are 3 subscribers to the site. To subscribe, use the widget on the right. Waddle On! 🙂

UPDATE 1: Download page for Money Maker HQ here.

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Money Maker 2.1

Hey everyone! Kiyow here and very unusually, a new Money Maker update was released fixing a time problem. You can download Money Maker 2.1 now. Is there anything else to say? Oh, I want to change the theme, but I don’t know to what. I will post a poll on Twitter so stay tuned. Waddle On!

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Penguin Storm 11.6

Hey everyone! Kiyow here. My internet is up, running, and ready for you! Today, Penguin Storm 11.6 was released. Tomorrow, Penguin Storm 12 will be released, so stay updated on my Twitter to get the download ASAP. Download PS 11.6 now.

Also, the download widget has been working great! Thanks everyone. One thing, don’t add downloads to it! Just 2 small things I have to tell you about the widget.

1. The Penguin Storm download is Penguin Storm 11.4 (the more stable version).

2. Money Maker is working so well.

To wrap up today, I would like to say thank you to Syth20 for helping Propinquity6 become a ninja!

June Updates

  • Tomorrow is my last day of school! Bring on Summer and a new KiyowClubpenguin!
  • A theme change?
  • An update to the profiles page.

Waddle On!

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Posting Problem

Hey everyone, this is a quicky. I’m not posting very much because the Internet has been down at my house (thanks AT&T) and I’m writing this from my iPhone.
As you may or may not know, I have the iPhone 3G which was discontinued 3 weeks ago. So… on June 24, I’m getting the brand new iPhone 4 (learn more at
That’s all, Waddle On!

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7,000 Hits in 11 Months

That was fast! Kiyow here with some June updates that your going to love! There’s a lot on the list, though! Keep reading below.

To start, It has only been 10 months and 12 days since KiyowClubpenguin opened to the web and today, before the 11 month birthday, the site has over 7,200 hits! Thanks everyone for coming to the sight and sending great comments!

Next, I have all of the missions done and I’m pretty much ready to post them online! I won’t jumble up all of the missions onto 1 page though :). Same with the downloads:

To make finding things easier, here are the link changes:

For downloads, the link will be from this:, to this:

For mission, the link will be from this:, to this:

Thanks everyone and look at the downloads and mission pages! Waddle On!

Woops! Almost forgot something. I added downloads to show the top downloads on the front page. Please don’t add any of you files! Thanks!

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EPF Launched

If you have previously purchased the Club Penguin EPF Game (first or second), then you are in luck. Agents and EPF Agents will have the privilege to repair the HQ.

As you mar or may not know, the HQ was destroyed by Herbert P. Bear in Mission 11. No one was harmed thanks to the EPF. Now, when you click your Spy Phone, you will receive the following message:

Good luck when clicking ‘Go There’. Due to the massive demand of becoming a free EPF agent, 2 major rooms are almost always full: the Super Stadium and the Sports Shop. Tip: When using penguin storm, don’t try to hack your way into the HQ or Sport Shop as you may get banned. Once you complete ‘the test’, you will receive an all new, touch-screen Spy Phone!

Here are what the icons do:

1. Access advanced Elite equipment. Same as old Spy Phone with wrench, hair comb, and scissors.

2. Command Field-Ops. Compare to the map in the HQ with red lights.

3. Teleport. Now faster and easier to use.

4. Recruit. Recruit penguins on the island to become EPF agents. All-new.

5. Elite Puffle. Call Flare, the elite puffle from the DS game, to help you on the mission. All-new.

6. [Red-Light] – Glows during emergencies.

7. [Home-Button] – Return to the HQ in a click.

Basically, it’s a new version of the Spy Phone molded into the design of an iPod Touch.

Good Luck and congrats if you even make it into the testing room. Have a great time and Waddle On!

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KiyowClubpenguin Mobile

Hello! Kiyow here and I have just updated the mobile site for KiyowClubpenguin I added About, Poll, and Share. You can answer a monthly poll, share the site by Twitter,Facebook,Email, or SMS. Here’s a screen shot:

Of course,  it is completely touch screen (not your computer :)) and has been tested on the following devices: iPod Touch (1st Gen), iPod Touch (2nd Gen), iPod Touch (3rd Gen), iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPad. Yes I tested all of these devices (which I own :D)


On your iPhone or iPod Touch, open Safari and go to Enjoy!

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Penguin Storm 11.2

Hey everyone. Kiyow here. Just released a couple of hours ago is Penguin Storm 11.2, an update to the Penguin Storm series. This small but large update brings more than 5 new features including items for Mission 11 and the long awaited Full Screen Penguin Storm.

For a full list of updates and the download link, please click here.

In other news, a lot of viewers come to this website by searching a lot of different things, but I just found out that some are coming now looking for the unpatched items list for Penguin Storm. I have some solutions for you, though:

  1. Download Club Penguin Perm Item Trainer from the Downloads page.
  2. (Don’t like downloading things?) Go to the Items Database.

In other, other news, I will be changing the Downloads page here to more hierarchies to find things clearly. Example?

The above is not a real link but will lead to something in the future. I’m also working on the KCPCity and Mission pages! Waddle On!

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Right Under Our Noses?

It was right under out noses and we didn’t see it. Kiyow here and in Mission 10, in the end, G was holding a packet of seeds – the base of Mission 11. [More later…]


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