Hi! My name is 18Boston18! I am currently 250 Days old (as of 11-18-2009) and I am not a member. I have 2 puffles named blueberry and fireball. I am the first person to ever be added to Kiyow’s FAMOUS LIST! I currently have 5675 coins. Here are my items:

  • I have every color
  • I have a green leprecon hat
  • I have a tour guide hat
  • I have a blue spinning hat
  • …a Wizard Hat
  • …a Winged Viking Hat
  • …a Crown
  • DJ Ear Muffs
  • …a green Spinning Hat
  • Pumpkin Head Band
  • Ninja Mask
  • ALL BELTS! (Awesome!)
  • The SECRET Friendship Bracelet
  • The Blue Book from the Treasure Catolog
  • almost EVERY PIN!
  • and almost EVERY BACKROUND!

Do YOU want to be friends with one of the coolest penguins out there, 18Boston18? Email me, or follow me on Twitter.




21 Responses to 18Boston18

  1. 18boston18 says:


  2. Person says:

    Is he a member?

  3. apenguin says:

    For christmas i will email u a penguin code and give it to him. o and can we meet anytime =]

  4. someone12346 says:

    can i be a person where you keep track of the money thing like
    syth 20,kiyow,nextthousand and Propinquity6. please!

  5. someone12346 says:

    use 18boston18 because…….TOP SECRET…….

  6. someone12346 says:

    i have a question what does ASAP mean??????

  7. someone12346 says:

    and kiyow i have a different account thats a member. its someone12346. we can meet some day.

  8. someone12346 says:

    sorry i keep missing the days maybe this saterday?
    P.S tell me what server and place in cp we should meet.

  9. someone12346 says:

    o yea forgot to tell you that i wanted to meet you well it says on the P.S but not that well. but still the subject was that i wanted to meet you on cp saterday.

    • Cool! Ok. The best part is that I will be notified and posting on the go with my new iPhone 3G! How was Christmas? Tomorrow (Saturday) is a great day to meet! I will put an alarm on for let’s say…. 5:00 PM on the server Northern Lights in my igloo which will be open. If you can’t make it just go to Mammoth. Tweet me or email a Yes or No. Waddle On!

  10. someone12346 says:

    kiyow can we make it sooner i dont want to wait.
    but it can still be 5:00pm okay

  11. someone12346 says:

    kiyow where are you on cp? come play cp with me now you said on the other comment.

  12. someone12346 says:

    i got a toy code and eight card jitsu code one of them was a golden code i used all but heres the toy code!: Y8JHTJW96
    k bye!

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