Syth 20

Hello! My name is Syth 20! Here, you can learn all about my penguin! Currently, Kiyow is working on my penguin profile. He says that it should be ready by 09/07/2009! I can’t wait for you to see who I am! Here’s just a little bit of my profile: I’m friends with Kiyow & Propinwuity 6! Hope to see you soon! – Syth 20


5 Responses to Syth 20

  1. 18boston18 says:

    i really want to be friends with you on clubpenguin kiyow please please please
    we can do it on friday or saterday if its okay to you?

    penguin name: Someone12346

  2. hey thats me says:

    hey that is my penguin people

    From Kiyow: That is the official Syth20

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