Can I be an Author on KiyowClubpenguin?

Sorry, but no. I do not accept authors on KiyowClubpenguin.

How do I advertise my website here? Can I?

Yes, you can advertise your website here. I need your website address and you must have a suitable website header.

Can I copy things off of this website, for my site?

No. Most everything on KiyowClubpenguin is copyright material of Kiyow.

Can I suggest a change for the website?

Sure! Just leave me an email! kiyowclubpenguin@gmail.com!

How can I become a penguin on the New KCPenguins?

Leave me any of the following:

  • An email: kiyowclubpenguin@gmail.com
  • A Direct Message on Twitter: @KiyowCP
  • An In-box Message on Facebook
  • A comment on KiyowClubpenguin
  • A comment on any of my YouTube videos: kiyowclubpenguin

This is version 1.0 of the Q + A and I will think up some more questions! Waddle On!


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