Thank You

Thank you everyone for giving KiyowClubpenguin the great support and over 10,000 Hits in less than 1 year. For a gift, KiyowClubpenguin is now a self-hosted WordPress blog. With the great new features than can now come, that couldn’t before.

If you experience any problems with the website in the next 72 hours, please excuse it as the DNS Servers are switching. Thank you.

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Rockhopper is Here!

He’s back! Kiyow here on this 200th post. First off, happy 11-month birthday KiyowClubpenguin! KCP turned 11 months old yesterday. Next in the news, KiyowClubpenguin is less than 200 hits away from 10,000 hits! What? Yes! 10,000 hits in less than 1 year! Amazing! There will be an amazing 10,000 hit party coming around this Friday that you don’t want to miss out on! Who’s gonna be there? Me, Propinquity 6, Syth 20, and maybe even 18Boston18! The party will be to celebrate the 10,000 hits we have and to celebrate that Syth 20 and I will be turning 1000 days old on Club Penguin in July! Whoa!

In other news, I will be updating the profiles page and mission pages which will hopefully be done and updated by the end of this month. Also, to finally wrap up this post, Rockhopper is back with some great items! You can go to the Trackers page and find out where Rockhopper is!

Guide to finding Rockhopper with KCP

  1. Go to the trackers page and find out the location of Rockhopper.
  2. Go to the downloads page and download Penguin Storm 12.1 to empty the servers and go to Rockhopper.

Guide to getting Rockhopper’s autograph without finding him

  1. Go to the downloads page and download Perm Item Trainer.
  2. Scroll down and find Rockhopper’s Background.
  3. Enter the code and click Enter.

Waddle On! 🙂

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Hey everyone! Kiyow here, and since it’s late this is going to be a quicky. I will be making tutorials for Club Penguin games and will be posting them here and on YouTube. The page will be up by 12:45am EST. Waddle On!

PS: Here is the first ever poll I put on KCP. I discontinued the polls a while back but here is #1. “Which famous penguins have you met on Club Penguin?”

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Penguin Storm 12.1

A quicky. This small update that came fast just fixes the Money Maker on PS12. It is on the same ol’ download page, so go and Download it now.

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New in June

Hey everybody! Kiyow here and I’ve added 2 things right now. One, new pages for the Island Adventure party. Second, new pin tracker located on the Trackers page. Check it out!

Until next time, Waddle On!

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9,000 Hits in 11 Months

Over 9,000 Hits in less than 11 months? Yes! Kiyow here and I have a lot of major things to say on this post I am writing at 12:00am. First off, Syth20 and Kiyow (me) will be turning 1000 days old on July 4! Amazing!

Tomorrow I will be posting photos and walkthroughs for the party. Waddle On! 🙂

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400 Views in 1 Day!

I was shocked when I saw this! Kiyow here, and yesterday KiyowClubpenguin got over 390 views in just that day! Here are the graphs:

Thanks everyone for this amazing gift! Updates:

The following items are BAIT and will get you banned if you use them with Perm Item Trainer or Penguin Storm. Click here for the list.

There aren’t any good themes out there so comment if you know a good theme. I’m also thinking about what to do when we get 10,000 Hits and when to make KCP self-hosted. Waddle On! 🙂

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Penguin Storm 12

Yes, finally here! Kiyow here, also, and I have Penguin Storm 12 which was released about 6 hours ago (Yes, I’m still awake :D). Here it is, I’ll also update the widget and the downloads page.

Download PS12

Waddle On!

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8,000 Hits in 11 Months

Thanks everyone! Kiyow here and just 11 days after I posted “7,000 Hits in 11 months“, we’ve reached 8,000 Hits! That’s 1,000 views in the last few days! Thanks! For that, let me show this old post I made on September 28, 2009. It was my longest post as it showed the history of KCP. It is called “1,000 Hits“. Waddle On!

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Penguin Storm 11.7

Hey everyone! Kiyow here and I am one of the first people on the Internet to post up Penguin Storm 11.7 which was released about 10 minutes ago! According to, if Money Maker doesn’t have anymore problems, Penguin Storm 12 will be released tomorrow at 6PM UK Time. Download PS 11.7 now.

Today, I’m going to work on organizing the links to the Downloads page and finishing up KCPCity 5. I’m also making some other small downloads for the site.

Oh, also there has been a problem with the plunder downloads as a message says Premium Content with a never ending quiz unless you register. So I’m going to post up KCPCity downloads at FileDen. Waddle On!

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