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EPF Launched

If you have previously purchased the Club Penguin EPF Game (first or second), then you are in luck. Agents and EPF Agents will have the privilege to repair the HQ. As you mar or may not know, the HQ was … Continue reading

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KiyowClubpenguin Mobile

Hello! Kiyow here and I have just updated the mobile site for KiyowClubpenguin I added About, Poll, and Share. You can answer a monthly poll, share the site by Twitter,Facebook,Email, or SMS. Here’s a screen shot: Of course,┬á it is … Continue reading

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Penguin Storm 11.2

Hey everyone. Kiyow here. Just released a couple of hours ago is Penguin Storm 11.2, an update to the Penguin Storm series. This small but large update brings more than 5 new features including items for Mission 11 and the … Continue reading

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Right Under Our Noses?

It was right under out noses and we didn’t see it. Kiyow here and in Mission 10, in the end, G was holding a packet of seeds – the base of Mission 11. [More later…] Also,

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Hey everyone! Kiyow here and I’ve opened up the KCP Forums! Ask a question, get it answered! Create a thread – get tons of feedback! Visit the FORUMS today! In other news… We have had over 80 views today! What … Continue reading

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Hello! Kiyow here and 4 main languages have been added. A while back, it was so hard to put a new language on the site that I didn’t post it. Now, the 4 languages are in picture form and on … Continue reading

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6,000 Hits in 10 Months

Thanks everyone! Kiyow here. Why am I saying thanks? KiyowClubpenguin has just hit 6,000 Hits in less than 10 months. Achieving this goal has been amazing. Let me show you the graphs: We have been aiming upwards towards future goals … Continue reading

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KCP Ultimate

KCP Ultimate makes downloading easy. Kiyow here. Instead of downloading everything one-by-one. Great and small in capacity. Download Here

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Mission 11 Official Release Date

Yup, we have found out the official release date for Mission 11. Kiyow here ready to bring this exciting news. So, it is official, Club Penguin Mission 11 will be released May 18. Overview: This mission will most likely be … Continue reading

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New in May

Hello, penguins. Kiyow here earlier than usual and happy to post. I have just started the Spring Cleaning for the website (in the middle of Spring, I know…) and now it is looking great. Here’s what I’ve done: I threw … Continue reading

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